Bilingual French Program at Highgate School

The Bilingual French Program at Highgate School is another exciting educational opportunity to enrich the academic, cultural and linguistic experiences of our students and foster their development as global citizens.

What this means for Highgate School is that French will be taught in a particular way in certain classes. The students who might access this program would be students attending Highgate School and those of French background.

The program would initially begin with a class in the R – 2 level of schooling and grow into a French bilingual class at each year level.

A similar program is currently operating at Telopea Park School in Canberra and has for over 30 years. A new program began at Tingalpa State School in Queensland in 2016.

I envisage the first French bilingual class will begin in 2017 and be an R / 1 class. The French bilingual/binational program involves a class at each year level being taught the whole curriculum through 80% French and 20% English in reception to Year 2, in Year 3 the structure changes to be 50% French and 50% English until year 7.

This program would then link to the French bilingual program at Unley High School.